Weekend Box Company Report: The Revenant Leads Another Close Weekend as Every New Release Underperforms

It wasn’t that astonishing last week when Ride Combined 2 officially dethroned Star Wars: Your Force Awakens as reigning champion of the container office. However, what on earth is surprising is how rapidly and far it fallen in its second few days. As the comedy sequel’azines legs instantly shattered, The Revenant ended up being finally able to declare the top spot right after several weeks of participating in box office maid-matron of honour.

Film Weekend Per Screen
1 The Revenant $16,000,000 (-49.Seven) $4,312 $119,192,522
2 Star Wars: The Pressure Awakens $14,257,000 (-45.9) $4,237 $879,289,346
3 Ride Together 2 $12,960,000 (-63.2) $4,060 $59,110,040
4 Dirty Grandpa $11,525,000 $3,958 $11,525,000
5 The Boy $11,260,000
$4,216 $11,260,000
6 The Fifth Wave $10,700,000 $3,680 $10,700,000
7 13 Hours $9,700,000 (-39.8) $3,342 $33,483,429
8 Daddy’ohydrates Home $5,270,000 (-44.7) $1,890 $138,780,265
9 Norm of the North $4,100,000 (-40.1) $1,701 $14,296,203
10 The Big Short $3,600,000 (-34.0) $2,591 $56,713,841


Let’utes begin with Ride Coupled 2, since it’s probably the most interesting case from the top 10 this week. This Ice Cube / Kevin Hart follow up had a strong cracking open last week, not quite leading the 2015 numbers of the 1st film’s opening few days, but coming close up enough. However, the actual film fell a disastrous 63 percentage since then, earning simply $12 million for a $59 million total. Considering that the first Ride Along went on to disgusting $134 million, this is not a great sign. If Ride Together 2 hits $100 million, it’lmost all be lucky. Whether it continues to fall only at that rate, it may be from the top 10 in a week or even two. Here’s one thing about any video that drops this specific quickly in its second weekend: this is research that the first weekend break was the result of hype and the second emereged as the result of word-of-mouth. It seems that followers of the first Ride Along simply didn’t like the second one as much.

In nevertheless, all of this allowed The Revenant to take the top spot with $16 million despite enduring a pretty big 49 pct drop. But that’ohydrates okay. At this point, your wilderness survival world famous has made $119 million, that’s solid for a picture this difficult as well as and gnarly. It’s want to a strong international demonstrating to be truly profitable, but this is the sort of expensive passion task that could have been a critical box office misfire. It usually is The Revenant’s destiny to be an over-budget near-disaster that managed to break even.

Of training course, Star Wars: The Power Awakens clung to second location with $14 million, getting its domestic complete to $879 million. Unlike Avatar, which hung about for months and months to generate its cash, Star Wars produced the bulk of its funds up front and now it’ohydrates starting to dwindle speedier than most authorities expected. It’s definitely going to break $900 million with the domestic box company (which is a huge accomplishment), but early prophecies of it finding a approach to hit $1 billion currently seem a little overblown.

And that can bring us to this week’utes trio of new secretes, each of which was broke up with in the icy wastes of January for a reason. Dirty Grandpa rode devastating reviews and awful trailers to your lackluster $11.5 thousand opening. In comparison, the $11.2 million opening involving The Boy seems pretty good, given it didn’t have to pay for Robert De Niro and could be made for pennies. The Sixth Wave, which opened just $10 million, is the most up-to-date YA adaptation to get itself dead on appearance.

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