Steven Soderbergh Returns to Aiming with Lucky Logan and Channing Tatum

Steven Soderbergh has long since recognized himself as the Michael Jordan of the filmmaking globe: peerless in his knowledge, multivalent in his talents, in addition to prone to jerking the public close to with retirement announcements that he eventually bails on. Equally Jumpman got out of the sport only to be pulled back in, Soderbergh declared that however cease all characteristic direction in 2011 in order to shift into a additional low-key worklife.

The celebrated cineaste claimed of which 2012’s Magic Mike would be his remaining feature directorial credit, it was, because in since, the man just has edited another Magic Mike picture and directed every episode connected with Cinemax’s first period of The Knick and directed Liberace biopic Behind the Candelabra, which often only ever aired on the telly. So, in the most stringent sense, Soderbergh made beneficial on that promise/threat, though it appears that the man won’t understand what “retirement” really means.

And now he’s long gone back on that last part, too, with all the revelation that Soderbergh will wide lace top up for one additional season on the court — im or her, direct another characteristic film. (Though at this point I’m curious to whether Soderbergh has sufficient advantages for a stint in the NBA while he’s on this apparent search for do everything.) Variety has described that Soderbergh will take the particular helm for Lucky Logan, a movie that is not with regards to male strippers despite it is “adjective + man’s name” title appliance reminiscent of Magic Mike, with former collaborator Channing Tatum in the leading function. But…


At first, Variety erroneously reported that the motion picture was titled Hillbilly Heist and would co-star Matthew Damon. They later outbound their story back to what they knew really was and revised the article. Despite the shortage of concrete details attached to this undertaking, it’s plenty motive to get excited. Tatum really loves this weekend‘s Hail, Caesar! and seeing him or her working with other prestige directors is a good warning. And as for Soderbergh, gone will be the question as to whether he’azines still got it. He’utes never stopped proving he still has it to us.

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