Marvel Teaming With Coke For 60-Second Ultra Bowl Commercial

This morning we been given a mysterious package deal. One the outside on the all red field were the unique logos for both Coca-Cola along with Marvel. Inside have been six mini-cans of Pepsi, each with one of this members of The Avengers on the can, along with a observe that read the following:

For those who weren’t focus, the date listed on the card is the time of this Sunday’s Extremely Bowl. Beyond it’s obviously very mysterious. What does it all indicate? Is Coke recruiting the reveal with the Captain America: Civil War trailer home during the Super Jar? Why would Disney world and Marvel must team up with Coke? So far the official Coke Twitter page have not updated with any kind of relevant information.

Since next we’ve done a number of digging and it turns out Coke and Marvel are teaming way up for a 60-second Super Pan commercial that will atmosphere during the second 1 / 4 of this Sunday’s sport. It will not appear online prior to the Super Pan, so the first time the thing is it will be during the game itself. But, would it be actually a new trailers?

No. Ad Age is reporting that the Coke/Marvel Super Pan commercial was put together by famed ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, perhaps best known for a lot of of their Nike spots. Marvel wouldn’t need an advertising agency’s help lowering together a truck; they’ve got agencies specifically for that task in Los Angeles. In addition, one of the cans employed to promote the Super Bowl commercial functions The Hulk, who it’s well known is not in Captain America: Civil War.

It seems just as if this may be more of the partnership between the two models, where some Marvel characters show up to enhance their favorite soda. There may be some footage through existing Marvel videos, but don’t expect this spot to be the full trailer from the film.

But, now some good news: We have confirmed presently there will be a new Captain The usa: Civil War trailer throughout the Super Bowl, perhaps more specifically before the Very Bowl. Make sure you’ng got your butt in front of the TV right before kickoff to get your first look for the new footage.

As far as being the Coke/Marvel Super Bowl industrial, as soon as it airs in the game, we’ll always have it right here, therefore you won’t have to wait long to find out precisely what that is.

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