Dwayne Johnson Reveals Completely new Rampage Details, Insanely Chaotic Work Schedule

James Franco and Dwayne Johnson currently have at least one thing in popular: they both make us wonder when they ever have time to sleep. Because of their insane ability to invest in so many projects and the fact that they never look worse for the have on, we must begin to ponder: are they immortal? With regards to Johnson, at least, we can believe it. The professional has revealed completely new details on his approaching Rampage project, along with a Massive list of his recent filming schedule And work commitments — which may make any miniscule mortal man weep. But yeah, he’utes immortal, so.

Johnson latched onto Instagram to announce that will Carlton Cuse and Ryan Condal (this creators of the TV series Colony) have been tapped to create a new screenplay pertaining to Rampage, the upcoming motion picture based on the classic video game. Cuse previously published the screenplay regarding Johnson’s San Andreas, with that film’utes director — Brad Peyton — fully briefed for the video game edition as well. Cuse is also most commonly known for his telly work on shows just like LOST and Bates Motel.

The original recreation wasn’t really minimal by a narrative, supplying players the ability to select a giant monster as well as proceed to destroy total cities with it. It is then an interesting choice for a show as it opens the door for any number of possibilities. Based on Johnson, he’ll become spending some time at a fauna preserve and looking into with anti-poaching units, that seems to indicate that will he’ll be the badass idol called in to take care of most of these huge monsters — as you expected anything else.

Here’utes Johnson’s Instagram post, that offers his super-crazy filming plan. It’s…a lot:


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