Leonardo DiCaprio Will Finally Get That Oscar, Due to His Fans inside Russia

Don’t you know that you can find starving actors who’ve never known the joy of winning an Oscar? Stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, who has very long suffered (figuratively and basically) for the chance to have what so many ignore. For the small cost of just one pair of silver earrings or maybe an old silver necklace, you’ll be able to help actors including Leo here ultimately get the Oscar he deserves. Please, won’t you imagine Leo?

At least DiCaprio’s fans in Russian federation are thinking of him, while RT.com) that the height and width of the statue may ultimately depend on the amount of charitable donations received, and that several women are giving parts of their figurine and jewelry instead of a complete piece. As Egorova points out, “Like one half will be with Leonardo DiCaprio and one half with them. To be for some reason connected with the actor.”

Although DiCaprio has won leading acting prizes via SAG and the Golden Globes for their role in The Revenant, in which doesn’t necessarily Completely guarantee that he’ll acquire the Oscar for Best Acting professional this year — but it’utes a pretty safe bet that he will considering that the Oscar voters love it when stars suffer for their art work. And look at DiCaprio. He’s just so thirsty in The Revenant. Like, literally. His / her lips are horrifically chapped. Offer him the damn Oscar currently.

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