Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Dance Their Way Into a New Musical Humor

Starting today, audiences round the country can see Channing Tatum swinging his way through Hollywood history in Hail, Caesar! In a fortuitous bit of timing, it’utes just been announced that will his musical career will continue in the very near future. In the underworld words of Gene Kelly felix, the dude’s really dance.

The Hollywood Reporter suggests Tatum will soon team using Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who’s simply no stranger to performing and dancing on the big screen, for an untitled play comedy that’s been recently acquired by Universal. Further details:

Gordon-Levitt first crawled the beach the idea with Jordan Bacall, who will now publish the script … Info is being kept in the tap shoes but it’s described as an R-rated audio comedy featuring a couple pilots on a misadventure.

Okay consequently just imagine those ocean adventurers with aviator shades upon. Basically the same thing.

Tatum hasn’big t done much onscreen singing, but he / she sure loves dance in movies, both using (Step Up) and without his clothing (Magic Mike). And JGL likes to hoof the idea too; he had an enjoyable musical number in (400) Days of Summer and executes in his live hitRECord shows. The two should generate a well-matched pair for a audio comedy, and in common it’s just fascinating to hear that the music might be making a minor comeback — and not just in the form of a number of Broadway show that’s staying ported to movies like Chicago or maybe Les Miserables. Viva original movie musicals! And also go see Hail, Caesar! because that movie’azines delightful, and Tatum is excellent in his scenes. 

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