Deadpool?Has Two Post-Credits Views, Just Like Most Hero Movies

If you’re one of the people who went to see a beginning promo screening of Deadpool, then you already know that this R-rated superhero outing offers one post-credits scene. If you were disappointed by simply said scene, then maybe this news will inspire that you run out and see the particular film again if it hits theaters future weekend (unless you didn’t particularly like it to start with).

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld and also co-writer Rhett Reese tweeted about the second post-credits world, which won’t be viewed until the film visitors theaters on February Twelve:

Deadpool isn’to your average super hero film — it’s profane, amazingly bloody and crazy, and very faithful to the source material. Nonetheless it is your average superhero motion picture in that it professes to partake moderately in many of the typical tropes that has a familiar story framework and cameos, while it’s more meta qualities attempt to undercut that familiarity. In addition to like most of its more family-friendly brethren, Deadpool will also take pleasure in two post-credits scenes.

We’ve seen the first one, along with it’s the sort of factor you expect from very similar films with a couple of tags at the end — it doesn’t tease a new sequel or market another film from the franchise, but it is relatively humorous. We have not witnessed the second post-credits scene, which can very well offer something a bit more exciting.

Deadpool happens on February 12.

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