Ghost in the Shell Casts Michael Pitt to Star while Villain Alongside Scarlett Johansson

Progress on the Scarlett Johansson-led live-action adaptation from the popular anime Ghost in the Shell continues recently. More than a placeholder for the distance at the center of our collected being capable of being packed only by a Lucy sequel, the projected sci-fi tentpole could provide Johansson a second series obligation in the event it connects with the public. And so in planning for a shot with the franchise brass ring, the production has made techniques to recruit this sleek-haired Michael Pitt, though the actor has yet to help sign on any dotted line. The The show biz industry Reporter broke the storyplot, claiming that Pitt is meant for the film’s villain position, though Deadline has refrained from coming to a such specifications as well as claim that that’s however up in the air.

But the true gem was camouflaging over on Variety, where they provided some valuable track record on the character in which Pitt may be playing. He’azines known as Laughing Guy, and the bit describing them and his powers is often a wild ride:

Pitt is within talks to play Joking man, who proves to be the ultimate hacker, efficient at such feats seeing that hijacking multiple video streams simultaneously, taking over someone’ohydrates cybernetic brain entirely along with editing his own graphics out of someone’s cybernetic eye balls, and all in real time.

Here a few phrases in that one sentence, ranked from least to most silly:

– “Laughing man”
– “cybernetic brain”
* “capable of hijacking multiple online video streams simultaneously”
– “authentic time”
– “the ultimate hacker”
: “cybernetic eyes”

This movie sounds like fun. Hopefully director Rupert Wyatt (The GamblerRise with the Planet of the Apes) is willing to fully commit to just what sounds like a game associated with Mad Libs played inside The Matrix and realize this particular thing’s fully insane potential. With forged members still trickling throughout, there’s no informing when production will begin, but with a scheduled release of March 31st, 2017, they’d better arrive at stepping.

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