Miles Ahead Trailer: Don Cheadle Can be a Mean Jazz Appliance in the Miles Davis Biopic

Don Cheadle makes his directorial first appearance with Miles Ahead, a biopic featuring the actor while iconic jazz musician Miles Davis, and from the first trailer, it looks to be as unconventional since Davis’ own musical stylings. Besides the release of the full trailers for the upcoming crisis, Cheadle opens up about exactly why he chose to produce Miles Ahead his directorial debut.

EW came out the first trailer for Miles Ahead:

Miles Ahead stars Cheadle as the legendary jazz mastermind, and comes about in the ’70s, any time Davis was struggling with dependancy and no longer because invested in his art. Approached by a Moving Stone reporter desperate to tell his history, David schemes to stage a come back, reclaim his music from record execs, along with revisits the time spent with his one true love, Frances Taylor (Emayatzy Corinealdi, legend of the upcoming thriller The Invitation).

As you can see in the trailer, Miles Ahead is significantly from your typical, paint-by-numbers biopic, instead focusing on a specific quantity of the musician’s lifestyle and using Davis’ own musical style as inspiration for the format and tone. Cheadle told EW he a very specific eye sight for the project as well as felt he had few other choice but in order to direct it:

[W]hen that first came to everyone, it was just anything for me to act inside. When I met with [Miles’ family, I said excitedly I wanted to do something which wasn’t like I had created seen before, and i also had a take on the film, that if I was about to play him, which it had to be as inventive and different, that if the item wasn’t as aspirational as they was, then I wasn’to really that fascinated. And before I managed to get to my house next meeting, it sort of came to me that will that would be hard for other people possibly to see that the same way that I was viewing it, so if I was going to do it, I’n probably have to direct it. And as I was calling them, they were form of calling me to mention the same thing.

Miles Ahead also megastars Ewan McGregor, Michael Stuhlbarg and Keith Stanfield, in addition to hits theaters in April 1.

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