Weekend Box Workplace Report: Kung Fu Panda 3 Tops, The Very best Hours Flops

The victory of connected with Kung Fu Panda 3 at the box place of work this weekend conjures one of the most common questions you must ask yourself when keeping a constant eye on the chart: when is a hit not a hit? Sure, the next film in DreamWorks Animation’azines series did open with number one and its figures are very good, but they’re lower than you’d believe. In any case, it still worked out significantly better than the entire competition this week — the rest of the new releases simply flopped.

Film Weekend Per Screen
1 Kung Fu Panda 3 $41,000,000 $10,367 $41,000,000
2 The Revenant $12,Four hundred,000 (-22.5) $3,724 $138,171,346
3 Star Wars: The Force Awakens $10,782,Thousand (-23.4) $4,218 $895,426,162
4 The Finest Hours $10,327,000 $3,286 $10,327,000
5 Ride Alongside 2 $8,345,520 (-33.0)
$3,460 $70,775,210
6 The Boy $7,894,000 (-26.8-10) $2,955 $21,527,916
7 Dirty Grandpa $7,575,000 (-31.7) $2,601 $22,821,010
8 The 5th Wave $7,000,500 (-32.2) $2,407 $20,188,149
9 Fifty Shades involving Black $6,186,648 $2,982 $6,186,648
10 13 Hours $6,000,000 (-33.Half a dozen) $2,141 $42,573,845


Kung Fu Panda 3 opened with $41 zillion, a drop off from the $47 million opening connected with 2011’s Kung Panda 2, which was currently a significant drop coming from 2008’s Kung Fu Panda, which started out to $60 million. Component two also proceeded to make significantly less than the initial film at the home-based box office, that certainly doesn’t bode very well for part 3, which may start striving soon after it strikes $100 million or so. On the other hand, Kung Fu Panda 2 was a bigger global hit than it is predecessor and we should be expecting the same from Kung Fu Panda 3, that should make a killing world wide.

Meanwhile, The Finest Hours flopped into final place with a measely $10 million opening, that isn’t good for a movie using a reported budget merely south of $100 mil. Although reviews weren’to savage, it’s obvious that it true life adventure motion picture simply got rapid end of Disney’azines marketing stick (the competition was too occupied dealing with Star Wars) and the movie never managed to sense that a proper event. A new January release wiped out this movie. At any rate, expect star Joe Pine to make Star Trek shows forever now.

The remaining new release of the week, Fifty Colors of Black, stumbled in to ninth place just $6 million. When it comes to parody films from the Wayans brothers, that aligns more with A Haunted House 2 than A Haunted House, which often remains one of the more unexpected minor hits of brand new years. In any case, this place probably won’t bust $25 million at the every day box office.

The entire top 10 saw the typical suspects still undertaking their usual factor. The Revenant sat pretty in number two, grossing $12 million for a $138 million total. In slot number three, Star Battles: The Force Awakens made $10 million for a $895 mil total. It should overlap the $900 million level in just a few days.

Elsewhere, Dirty Grandpa continued to not do anything else, Ride Along 2 and 13 Hours carried on to underperform, and The Fifth Wave continued to bomb. If there’s one surprise, it’s The Boy, which dropped only 26 percent to earn $7 mil for a $21 million overall, which is unheard of for any horror movie. Drops of 50 percent or better are just considered to be the usual in this genre, and this January dump can be, somehow, defying many expectations.

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