Alien: Covenant Will Not Bring Back Noomi Rapace After All

Although Ridley Scott recently said that Noomi Rapace might reprise her role — even if briefly — as Dr .. Elizabeth Shaw in Strange: Covenant, the overseer has now determined which the actress will actually not be returning for the approaching Prometheus sequel / Alien prequel. Many assumed we might discover how her ill-advised adventure using Michael Fassbender’s Brian panned out, though it’ersus fair to assume that will things didn’t go so well.

Scott told this Daily Mail (by way of Yahoo) that Rapace will not be returning for Alien: Covenant, and added that he’s even now casting the main heroes for the film, such as Fassbender reprising his role seeing that mischievous synthetic David with the exceptional Steve Jobs co-star Katherine Waterston as the leader of any new crew connected with explorers.

The director also previously revealed that the brand new film is set in relation to 10 years after the era of Prometheus, when a derelict crew occurs upon a seemingly uncharted paradise and soon finds that David could be the planet’s only inhabitant — which sounds pretty daunting. It would also appear that David rapidly dispatched with Medical professional. Elizabeth Shaw, and though Rapace will not be returning, it’s uncertain if Covenant will explain just what exactly happened to her (Brian totally killed your ex, duh).

Scott has also promised the new trilogy of films will explore the root base of both the Xenomorphs as well as the Engineers, and will function all forms of Xenomorph from egg to chest-burster for you to Queen.

Alien: Covenant begins filming this spring for the 2017 release date.

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