Johnny Depp Will Be The Unseen Man in Universals Monster World Reboot

Universal is kicking off their own rebooted monster whole world in 2017 with The Mummy, together with plans to redo retro classics like The Wolf ManBride of Frankenstein and The Creature From your Black Lagoon. While the studio’utes mysterious strategy is still materialising, they’ve lined up an important star to join He Cruise in their completely new shared monsters galaxy, casting Johnny Depp in their machine of The Invisible Man.

It’utes an odd choice for Depp, a personality actor who generally selects roles which require makeup and goofy hats and all types of quirky affectations. But as THR accounts, Depp will play the eponymous figure in Universal’s machine of The Invisible Man, which implies he will mostly always be invisible — though when they take a tip with the 1933 film starring Claude Down pours, he’ll get that silly hat after all.

James Whale’s traditional black-and-white film was based on the novel by M.G. Wells along with centered on a researchers who discovers a method to become invisible, however his brilliant finding costs him his / her sanity.

Fast and Furious veterinary Chris Morgan and Alex Kurtzman tend to be overseeing Universal’s new monsters universe, along with Kurtzman making his directorial come out on The Mummy reboot, which often stars Tom Luxury cruise and Kingsman’s Sofia Boutella. Men throughout Black scribe Ed Solomon is reportedly writing the screenplay for The Invisible Man reboot your computer.

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