The 20 Most severe Movies to Have a Super Bowl Trailer home

Everyone watching the Ultra Bowl last night might spend a lot of time looking towards upcoming movies based on the trailers that ran through the big game. Their particular designed to wow along with impress in just A short period, getting people set for appointment looking at in the theater. However for every big good results, there are a lot of make it possible for downs. Not every trailer anyone saw last night will probably result in a great video (we’re looking at you Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows). We know this because we searched back at the reputation Super Bowl video trailers and noticed that several very generous companies were willing to commit a lot of money on a few really crappy movies.

Here are the 20 worst type of movies to at any time inexplicably have a Ultra Bowl trailer:

The Shaggy Dog

Before John Downey, Jr. struck the big time with his Marvel Super Bowl spots, there seemed to be this Tim Allen humourous about a man that turns into a dog. An individual don’t see RDJ within this spot, but you do currently have ESPN’s Chris Berman delivering inexplicable commentary in regards to man running doggystyle and chasing a cat.

Wild Hogs

Speaking of Tim Allen…there’utes this horrible comedy where Tim Allen, Travolta qantas video, William H. Macy as well as Martin Lawrence go on a road trip no one escapes using dignity.

16 Blocks

Worth it at the least for seeing the particular rare “Bruce Willis with head of hair and a mustache” combo.

King Ralph

Look with everyone’s face as YouTube thumbnail. That’s all about those feelings now, watching this particular King Ralph trailer.

On Deadly Ground

1994 seems like such a long time ago. The time ago was it? Steven Seagal videos were actually receiving advertised during the Very Bowl.


This is a okay trailer, but for this type of bad movie.


This Ultra Bowl commercial with regard to Daredevil bills it as “the show event of the year.” It wasn’t even the most significant movie during the month it was released in to theaters! (That honor went to the vintage How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.)


“What a forged!” Yes, this was an extraordinary cast! Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone along with Samuel L. Jackson, almost all completely wasted within this lame attempt to trip the coattails of Eileen Crichton fever after Jurassic Park became a massive hit.

The Hulk

I bear in mind being very excited for this movie depending on this footage. I then saw the movie. Next, i became very suspicious of Super Bowl trailers.


I actually covered this movie when it was released and that i honestly don’t even remember what it’ersus about, that’s just how forgettable it is.

Van Helsing

A standard Extremely Bowl spot is actually 30 seconds long. Universal paid for a twice spot for Van Helsing!

Wild, Wild West

Interesting that in this Wild, Wild West position, they don’t make use of anyone’s characters brand except for Kevin Kline, who’s invoiced as Artemus Gordon. Like any person watching this trailers even remembers the earlier late-60s TV show. This flick was an all-timer blast, but you can’t fault the studio if this had the director and star connected with Men in Black.

Hannibal Rising

I forgot this movie even been with us! A Hannibal prequel about a young Hannibal Lecter!

Land of the Lost

I don’t feel this movie is just as bad as men and women remember it currently being, but it flopped hard. For reasons unknown, people didn’t go to a Will Ferrell—Danny McBride action-comedy using a cult 70s TV series.

Year One

A very unfunny movie which everybody should’ve realized ended up being unfunny and buried rather than spending lots of money to advertise during the Super Bowl. But this came each time when Judd Apatow movies could do no wrong and also Sony was hoping to find the best. They got the most severe.

The Last Airbender

What can you actually say about this…

Cowboys & Aliens

Jon Favreau. Harrison Ford. Daniel Craig. Steven Spielberg. It all looked like so promising. So promising. Except for the one thing: this was a movie concerning cowboys fighting noncitizen invaders. Everyone did actually look past that component.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

“We have options for you, Peter Parker…” Certainly, they involve screwing increase your franchise so badly it should be rebooted, yet again.

Over this Top

Now, I am a fan of this movie and do not always agree it should be with a list of the most detrimental anything, but I recognize that I am generally by yourself in this and most folks think this film is pretty stupid. Consequently, OK, you get your current wish. But, just know that seeing that trailer again right now, really makes myself want to watch that movie again.

Transformers: Payback of the Fallen

Listen, it would’ve been easy — way too easy — to fill this list with nothing however Transformers movies, so alternatively we’ll go with just one single. The worst 1. Can we be sure this is even the worst Transformers flick?

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