That Sonic the Hedgehog Film Is Still Happening, With an Actual Release Day

Back in 2014, Sony reported plans to bring Sega’ohydrates Sonic the Hedgehog to the big screen with a CGI Or live-action hybrid adventure, as well as then…things got calm. And they stayed quiet. Until now. Sega is frightening us with an real, honest-to-goodness release date with the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, that may allegedly roll in to theaters in 2018.

Last we all heard, Upright Citizens Brigade veterinarians Evan Susser and Van Robichaux was tapped to write a new screenplay for the Sonic movie, which will combine elements of CGI and also live-action and will most likely attribute some of the blue hedgehog’azines famous villains, just like Doctor Robotnik. It’s recently been a while since Sega and Sony have explained anything about the film, which is where President Hajime Satomi comes in.

In an interview using the Worldfolio (via iO9), Satomi confirmed that only is the motion picture still in progress, but they’ve put it to use the fast-track:

Sega Sammy Group is now planning with The Pictures to create a live-action in addition to animation hybrid “Sound the Hedgehog” movie timetabled for release in 2018. Like with this CG movement production, we would like to grow our business in to other entertainment areas beyond what we are currently involved.

It’s ambiguous if Susser and Robichaux’ohydrates script is still with play, or who might be directing this ambitious and kind involving weird project. Sound was fairly well-liked back in his basic Sega days, but this individual became far more well-liked by his ’90s cartoon series (imagine the sun shades smiley face emoji with azure hair — that was in essence this show) along with his more contemporary video games. He also had a cameo in Disney’ersus Wreck-It Ralph, while a new super-hero series called Sonic Boom was released in 2014 and turned out that the character really has enduring appeal.

Still, some sort of Sonic the Hedgehog CGI Per live-action hybrid movie seems a bit…odd. Yet, some really good movies have emerged from some truly baffling ideas. Too bad Phil Lord and also Chris Miller are usually busy.

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