First Incredibles 2 and Cars 3 Posters on Display at D23

Disney’s annual conference dedicated to itself, D23 (known as, I assume, after the amount of dollars you have left in your bank account when you finally go and buy numerous cool Disney swag), kicks off today, consequently expect plenty of information and announcements being subtracted from Anaheim all weekend. Before the big panels kick off, though, tweets being subtracted from the convention get revealed the first teaser posters for two large upcoming Pixar projects: The Incredibles 2 (yeah!) and Cars 3 (uh… yay intended for The Incredibles 2!).

Here are a few angles for the two different cards, which were spotted by a number of D23 attendees:

(You also saw the actual Finding Dory poster in that last one; this Finding Nemo sequel, directed by Claire Stanton, opens in concert halls on June 17, 2016. As well as, yep, there’s some sort of Toy Story 4 teaser poster in there as well.)

That Incredibles poster is just great; it evokes the original Incredibles’ team logo and tweaks it in the tiniest way with a bit of black line. The Cars poster, well it’s a Cars poster. And it is numerically accurate! So it’s bought that going for this.

As of this moment, Incredibles 2 (guided by Brad Fowl, returning to Pixar after a two-picture dalliance throughout live-action) and Cars 3 (directed by Pixar mainstay John Lasseter) don’t possess official release appointments. But that could adjust before this weekend and also D23 are over. So stay tuned for more.

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