Rumor: Disneyland Becomes Star Wars and Marvel Expansions

Ever since Disney ordered Lucasfilm and Marvel, theme-park enthusiasts have wondered once the company would begin to take advantage of their gleaming new properties in their theme parks. And for a great long time, there was nothing. Marvel presented a tangled web connected with rights issues. Star Wars turned out a creative challenge. But now, the floodgates look like they’lso are about to open. Brand-new rumors concerning the existence of both franchises on California’s Disneyland are located and it sounds like Walt disney world isn’t kidding about.

Although Disneyland is significantly small compared to Florida’s Walt Disney World, it is sensible that the original recreation area would get most of these updates first. In fact, Universal still possesses the theme parks privileges to the Marvel heroes on the east coast (nevertheless utilize them in their Hawaiian islands of Adventure theme park). As well as, if internet scuttlebutt will be believed, Disney has hit a few inventive roadblocks in their plan to create an colonial Star Wars land that would competitor Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter in setting and detail. Smaller Disneyland, with its community, passionate fan base, include the ideal testing floor for Marvel and Star Wars attractions.

These rumors were being spurred on by Disney recently getting a whole bunch of territory outside the current Disneyland borders. Everyone believed that the park would likely move its management buildings to the brand-new land, freeing up place in the parks for brand new rides and sights. According to Mice Talk, this is the case. Eurodisney Park will get a fresh Star Wars land and Disney’azines California Adventure (found right next door) will get the particular Marvel expansion.

Full specifics have yet to arrive, but here is how they explain the Star Wars strategies:

The plan for Star Wars Terrain has grown immensely inside scale, and it’utes now aimed straight at the land n . of Disneyland themselves ... The rides and shows in the land by itself are being developed in a top-notch secret Imagineering lab inside Glendale with Imagineers signing further confidentiality agreements since the plotlines and characters usually are pulled from the following three episodes in the Star Wars saga plus the Lucasfilm folks understandably shield that information with their lives. But what we let you know is that Star Wars Property will include multiple sights, anchored by a huge E Ticket utilizing a trackless vehicle that will bust the mold in terms of how theme park website visitors interact with a trip environment.

They also note that Disney is accommodating have a temporary “Star Wars miniland” functioning by the end of the season.

The same report has less to say about this Marvel land, however it name-drops some pretty committed rides, which suggests that Disney has pretty ambitious plans:

The intends to expand DCA again with a Marvel Land behind System of Terror continue to proceed, and the E Admission thrill ride that is planned to focal point that expansion will be very unique. The ride will use a newly Imagineered hybrid trip system that might be very best described as a combination of Steel N’ Roller Coaster and Universal’s Transformers ride using each and every trick and device WDI can throw in internet, including on-board audio and effects and elaborate sets and animatronics.

With the D23 convention just a few days and nights away, we can expect to listen to something solid upon of these fronts quickly enough. If these expansions are half as remarkable as Universal’s Harry Potter stuff, a lengthy drive to Disneyland will likely be in order for a lot of individuals.

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