Uggie, The Scene-Stealing Canine Superstar of The Artist, Dead at 13

The Artist was never an easy promote. A black-and-white silent video made in 2011? Using a cast of French actors unknown in the us? A big part of what made it easier for this unique project cross-over with U.Azines. audiences, connect with people all over the world, and even win an Oscar for Best Picture was Uggie, the adorable Jack Russell Terrier owned by the actual film’s main persona.

Obedient, intelligent, and sweet as hell, Uggie borrowed scene after picture from his human co-stars, and in the get up of The Artist’s shock success, arguably grew to become just as famous seeing that actors Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo. Uggie strolled the red rug at every awards show, did the talk-show signal, and even wrote their own book (with assist, I imagine). That it was a pretty good life for a Terrier, but it sadly came to an end last Friday, as soon as, TMZ reports, Uggie was put to sleep after a prostate illness. He was 14 years old (about 80 in dog years).

After struggling to find a home to be a puppy, Uggie was probably destined for the single lb when he was saved by his operator and trainer, Omar Von Muller. They fan-organized awards campaigns, is the one that will ensure him immortality. He was, simply by all accounts, a really good boy.

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