Steven Spielberg Still Signed for Ready Player One, 2017 Launch Date Planned

Here’s something that’s a bit surprising: Steven Spielberg continues to be signed on to immediate Ready Player One, the picture based on Ernest Cline’azines novel of the same brand. Spielberg often drops from big budget jobs (Robopocalypse has been placed on everlasting hold), but for reasons yet unknown, the director remains to be attached to this particular challenge — and it’s less if it’s usually an easy one to accomplish.

THR reports that Warner Bros. and also DreamWorks have set the December 15, 2017 generate date for Ready Player One, with Spielberg still attached with direct. The screenplay was written by Zak Penn (Pacific Rim) in addition to takes place in a online world known as Haven, in which the game’s owner dies, leaving his vast fortune for your player who can live a harrowing treasure hunts.

What makes the jump coming from page to screen difficult is the large numbers of video game properties in addition to references involved — in truth, almost the entire story is nothing but one very long string of heavy-handed personal references to ‘80s qualities. It’s a nostalgia-driven novel for nostalgic geek culture, and it’azines not exactly the most simple or awe-inspiring of tales. But given the current (middling) success regarding Pixels, WB and DreamWorks may have been motivated push this task forward.

Ready Player One just doesn’t seem like the kind of movie Spielberg would be enthusiastic about directing. It’s intensely referential and relies on nostalgic name-dropping to carry its plot — it’s the kind of flick someone who grew up upon Spielberg would make, the kind of film that would try to ape Spielberg’s style.

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