Kong: Skull Island Adds Samuel M. Jackson, Tom Wilkinson and perchance John C. Reilly

Big day for announcement out of Kong: Skull Island. Legendary’ersus new King Kong movie has brought some actor shuffles over the past couple of months, but they could be close to finalizing their particular cast pretty soon. Samuel L. Jackson is in predicts head to the island along with Tom Wilkinson, while Ruben C. Reilly is being desired for a role too.

Deadline reports that Jimmerson is in early tells you for Skull Island, taking the purpose previously held simply by J.K. Simmons. Russell Crowe has also been recently in predicts replace Simmons — so that will give you an idea of the high intensity the role requires. Your production has been diversifying their casting, as Variety claimed yesterday that Straight Outta Compton breakout Corey Hawkins has also became a member of the roster.

Wilkinson can be in talks for a leading role, though director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is incredibly interested in casting Ruben C. Reilly in a helping role.

Kong: Skull Island also stars Tom Hiddleston as well as Brie Larson, though details stay scarce on their figures. The film has been written by John Gatins and Max Borenstein, with Nightcrawler author / director Serta Gilroy recently working on a new draft. Here’s the state run and very vague description from Legendary:

KONG: Mind ISLAND will entirely immerse audiences within the mysterious and dangerous home of the full of the apes as a team involving explorers ventures insidewithin all the treacherous, primordial region. Legendary’s story recognizes the foundations of existing King Kong lore, yet places it within an entirely new, different timeline.

Kong: Skull Island visitors theaters on Drive 10, 2017.

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