Star Wars: The Pressure Awakens?Wont Include One In particular Disliked Piece of Kodak

With Star Wars: The Pressure Awakens, we’re getting exactly what looks to be a stimulating installment in the franchise, something to help make the negative memories of the prequel trilogy fade away. It’s an intimidating concern, but everything we’ng seen in the trailers and heard in early studies leads us to consider that director N.J. Abrams has typically accomplished that impossible task. We don’capital t know exactly how much of the prequels Abrams overlooked while making The Drive Awakens, but we do learn one particular bit of cannon that he purposely left out.

In an interview with Nick, Abrams was asked a lot of questions about The Force Awakens — many of these questions aren’t tremendous serious, since Abrams can’to get into details, but there’s one bit that might be of interest to lovers. When asked when the new film features midi-chlorians, Abrams simply replied “Virtually no.”

As you will likely recall using a huge eye move, midi-chlorians were introduced inside prequels as a way to explain just what the Force is and exactly how it works. In the original trilogy, The Force has been an inexplicable, faith based thing. Few people have it, and those that do may mysteriously tap into an electricity in the universe and also harness power — for great or bad. Although George Lucas didn’t think that explanation was sufficient, so the prequels made a massive fuss about midi-chlorians, turning The Force in something biological, therefore making it less exclusive.

It’s been fairly apparent that Abrams plus the new Star Wars creative team are distancing the new trilogy from the prequels, and it’ohydrates a safe bet that individuals won’t see any recommendations to those films in The Power Awakens.

Star Wars: The Drive Awakens hits theaters with December 18 — with out midi-chlorians.

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