Star Wars: The Force Awakens?IMAX Details, Plus Determine When You Can Pre-Order Tickets

While in production on Star Battles: The Force Awakens, N.J. Abrams released a picture teasing an IMAX digital camera on set. A couple of months later, the manager revealed that only one world was actually filmed within IMAX, but he assured that it was a pretty wonderful one. But which usually scene is it, exactly?

According to Daisy Ridley and Bob Boyega running away from seven people, and the Millennium Falcon combating TIE Fighters. Jakku is a good idea, as the photo on the IMAX camera was consumed Abu Dhabi, where the Jakku scenes were filmed.

But if you want to really enjoy this IMAX sequence, you’ll have to go to a “true” IMAX movie theater — the ones with the eight-story-tall screens and 70mm projection. When you go to a “fake” IMAX theater, this scene will be transformed into digital IMAX format, which means it won’t be presented the way Abrams supposed, nor will you get the full effect.

In improvement, Making Star Wars put up some comparison images from the trailer, to provide an idea of what the video will look like in frequent theatrical format and what it looks like in genuine IMAX:

And one more thing: the site reports that tickets with the film will be available for pre-order sometime in September or even October. You’ll most surely want to buy your passes ahead of time.

Star Wars: The actual Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18.

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