Prometheus 2 Is Still Happening, Ridley Scott to start Filming in January

Ridley Scott has a tendency to talk right up projects that seem to take forever to actually help it become into development — Blade Sprinter 2, for example, took years of Scott discussing it in public before Harrison Ford consented to return and director Denis Villeneuve came aboard. Scott features spent the last few years speaking up Prometheus 2 as well, nonetheless it seems like this one is really happening sooner than we’re able to have expected.

The brand new issue of Full Film reveals which Scott plans on heading directly into production on Prometheus 2 throughout January 2016, with the manager adding, “I’ve got back into the sci-fi thing, I kind of adore it.” Besides shooting Prometheus 2, Scott is also producing the Blade Runner sequel, however, there have been no additionally announcements regarding that film just yet, seeing that Villeneuve prepares to release his latest film, Sicario.

As intended for Prometheus 2, Scott has previously taunted the further place adventures of Generate. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Erina Fassbender’s robot, previous seen without a brain. Scott said:

You can’t possess a person go off to the galaxy and have a man or woman who’s still received his head off. Once that head goes back on, he’s just crazy, but he’s incredibly seductive, so maybe he’ll persuade her that will put the head back about.

It’s true — Fassbender is very persuasive, and his personality was incredibly clever, so it probably won’big t take long before Shaw restores his head.

Scott is usually producing Neill Blomkamp’s completely new Alien sequel, which takes devote the same universe, while Scott has long looked after that Prometheus is not a Alien prequel or sequel — they just share the same Genetic. Hard to buy into that reasoning given the remaining shot of Prometheus.

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