Study: Black Widow by far the most Hated of the Motion picture Avengers

There has been a very noisy contingent of Brilliant fans clamoring for a African american Widow movie. That includes John Downey, Jr., Jessica Chastain and, indeed, us. But, for those people who love Scarlett Johansson because Black Widow, there seems to end up being an equally as expressive group of fans who don’t like that persona. Indeed, according to new research, Black Widow is evidently the most-hated of all the Avengers.

BrandWatch, any self-described “social technology” company, just lately mined through all of the mentions of each part of The Avengers — Iron Man, Hulk, Chief America, Thor, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Spider-Man (no official member yet, but with his future appearance in Captain The usa: Civil War, he ended up being included in their examine), Nick Fury and Black Widow — and used something called “emotion analysis” to determine how everyone is feeling about just about every character. Some fairly benign data emerged of it (women love Thor, nerds love referring to Spider-Man), but there was a single surprising bit of info: a lot of people don’t similar to Black Widow.

Now, despite keeping track of almost 900,1000 mentions on Tweets, this is hardly a just right sample size to determine what the population, as a whole, thinks towards one particular personality, especially one as controversial lately while Black Widow. What is likely skewing the numbers are generally negative tweets with regards to Avengers: Age of Ultron’s controversial Bruce ♡’s Natasha subplot. People seemed to really hate that. Some hated the idea because they felt the idea marginalized Natasha and a speech half way through the movie apparently implies she’s the monster because she can’t have children. Some hated that because they are generally terrible people and have issues accepting strong females in the male-dominated Marvel Motion picture Universe. The outrage got so much that literally drove Joss Whedon away from Twitter.

Marvel has a history of treating its woman characters poorly. Overlook for a second of which Marvel will have launched 19 superhero videos before they release one that focuses on a female superhero (Captain Marvel in 2017), but they also have removed Black color Widow from Avengers toy sets (ones where the girl was the lead figure in the movie!) in addition to her only Age associated with Ultron products included a tiny Black Widow figure in some sort of Disney Infinity starter package, a shopping case (seriously?), or a men’ohydrates t-shirt. A former Marvel staff told The Betty Sue earlier this summer that Disney doesn’testosterone levels market Marvel to ladies because they feel like because of their Disney Princesses, “They already have the girls’ market on lockdown.”

Marvel is making some strides in the right direction, but because this study shows, it’utes still tough out there for women in a arena of superheroes. But, eventually the real problem is your problem; us, because fans. We can fare better and be better than that. Black Widow might not be essentially the most perfectly realized personality, but what Scarlett Johansson is doing with a B-level character is not short of amazing. Monk has the rights to varied great female superheroes from the X-Men universe and also done almost nothing together.

As one of the only robust female presences in the Brilliant Cinematic Universe, and the only prominent women superhero, she should get better than our detest.

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