Amazons New Tick Spoons Guardians of the Galaxy Movie star Peter Serafinowicz

We’ll say that for The Tick, he knows the best way to burst through a wall of superhero reports. Following Amazon’s recent confirmation that the iconically poor superhero would elevate a spoon to an alternative series without original star Patrick Warburton, we have our man. Guardians from the Galaxy star Peter Serafinowicz will be The Tick, coming to a rooftop close to you.

Per Deadline, the long-gestating superhero series with a start order at Amazon will feature Serafinowicz as being a hero recovering from the memory loss and re-teaming along with his sidekick Arthur (Vinyl star Griffin Newman). The actual series also celebrities Valorie Curry as Arthur’s brother Dot, while Meat Warburton is expected to management produce.

Original writer-creator Ben Edlund along with fellow original management producer Barry Josephson will helm the new project. Also, Transcendence helmer Wally Pfister is in negotiations to direct the initial, having worked as movie director of photography intended for The Dark Knight films.

There’s no telling precisely what The Tick might look like inside a modern context, although does Peter Serafinowicz load the … blue … bodysuit … point … as well as we’d trust?

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