The Walking Dead Season Some Finale Extended in order to 90 Minutes

Extending event episodes of The Walking Dead to a full 90 minutes isn’t exactly brand new, but when it comes to 4 seasons 6 closer, and a major arrival presently confirmed, we’ll will need all the time we can get. A new report not just reveals the Season Half a dozen finale title, but will also its extended of teachings.

The Walking Dead spoiler junkies over at This Spoiling Dead proved with AMC that the upcoming April 3 finish will run a total 90 minutes, just as the Time of year 5 finale along with Season 6 best had similarly broadcast. The report furthermore claims that the Time of year 6 finale may bear the subject “Last Day on the planet.”

You’re warned of some minor spoilers from here on out, yet despite the frequency regarding The Walking Dead extending their premiere and end episodes, the extra time almost surely owes on the arrival of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan, the series’ new significant big bad. From the comics at least, Negan’azines first appearance coincided with a major death due to Negan’s barbed-wire bat “Lucille,” lashes fans in a frenzy to figure out who may possibly suffer the same fate on AMC.

In the present, The Walking Dead will continue this specific Sunday with “Doubly as Far,” followed by following week’s penultimate Season Some installment, “East.”

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