Review: The Walking Dead Is going Twice as Far For Another Not smart Fake-Out

Warning – FULL SPOILERS for Tonight’s “Twice as Far”:

This was a idiotic episode. I don’capital t say that to be gross, but rather that eradicating off Denise represents the most recent in a long type of dumb decisions punctuation out The Walking Dead’utes increasing inability to wipe out major characters, particularly after #GlennGate. Sure, we’ng seen the “remix” method granting comic massive to different characters, along with “Twice as Far” seemed to purposely place Abraham and Eugene right into a parallel mission witty fans knew to separate with an arrow through the eyes, but Denise’s death makes little-to-no sense from your storytelling perspective.

With Abraham at least, The Strolling Dead has taken time to increase an idea that the former military man thinks a bit adrift in their brand new suburban surroundings, lacking the purpose once solid in his mission to shield Eugene. Culling that uncertainty and the prospect of a pleased life with Sasha in an unexpected death would have felt earned, although we’ve barely gotten to know anything in relation to Denise. An actor like Merritt Wever produces much more pedigree versus the character ever actually wrought in books, and working your way up to the town’s just doctor has been a endearing story to check out, now seemingly snuffed out for no reason.

Worse than that, “Two times as Far” works to fake you out with not one, but two foolish runner confrontations on Denise’ersus part, seemingly to emphasize her desire for self-reliance, merely to dispatch her half way through expressing that with a random crossbow bolt intended for Daryl. Hell, we all don’t even view Tara’s* reaction to the news, not to say pursue that partnership any further, even as insight into Denise’s past in addition to family started to increase your presence not described solely by a enjoy story. Instead, we’re also left with a meaningless casualty to punctuate one more Savior conflict, evidently only to reintroduce Dwight.

*Understandably, Tara and Heath’s two-week mission probably owes to Alanna Masterson’s maternal dna leave and Corey Hawkins’ some other commitments, but The Going for walks Dead is at the worst when the strings start to show. It’ohydrates also exceptionally inadequate timing, given that getting rid of off LGBT heroes was already a sorer position than usual in the latest weeks.

The same reasoning could similarly be applied to Carol’s exit, in this The Walking Dead couldn’t fairly kill off such a much loved character, instead designing another forced depart to build story for one more episode, rather than commit to a meaningful conclusion. It’s especially odd that “Twice as Far” was book-ended by Carol’s stylized standpoint on the mundanity of lifestyle in Alexandria, when the hr wasn’t really in relation to her, or the restored unwillingness to destroy at all.

There didn’t seem to be much tie to help Eugene and Abraham’s concurrent thread either, even drawing connections in between both Denise and Eugene’ohydrates insistence on fending for themselves. Abraham and also Eugene have the built-in advantage, that we’ve followed of which relationship long enough to invest in their fraying bond, plus it at least opened up many intriguing new territory for Eugene to begin manufacturing ammo. That said, this dialogue between 2 such comic-cut figures might paint the two with an entirely different string, undercutting the sincerity of their bedside reconciliation later on as well.

A lot of items didn’t quite in shape here, whether adding a relationship between Spencer in addition to Rosita, cementing one between Abraham and Rosita, or the quick change between Rick as well as Morgan over the newly-constructed prisoner cell phone. One imagines the final two episodes of Time of year 6 will flow into any possible endgame much more smoothly, it’utes just a shame in which “Twice as Far” had to go through so much for it, killing off a character that in no way deserved a stop, and whose quit seems entirely borne of circumstance.


The Walking Dead can return on Walk 27 with penultimate Period 6 outing “East”, airing at 9:00 P.M. with AMC.

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