Yep, Jay and also Silent Bob Could Cameo in Kevin Smiths Flash Episode

Kevin Smith directing a sequence of The Flash is a notable enough event that will we’d expect your Askewniverse director to leave the personal stamp, and a new tweet advises he might leave a couple of. Jason Mewes has been seen on The Flash set, and so might Jay in addition to Silent Bob stand vacantly in a parking lot even though Barry Allen whizzes by?

Smith themselves shared yet another post from production of The Flash Season 2’s 21st occurrence, paired with Mewes outside of Anxiety, in an apparent jerk to the Jay and also Silent Bob character types that have appeared around multiple franchises along with formats. Smith stopped short of confirming the duo would have a great onscreen appearance, nonetheless it certainly seems in accordance with the director’s style.

Went for most coffee at #ccjitters and discovered @jayandsilentbob loitering in front of the store. Recently was a productive Morning 2 on the occurrence of #TheFlash that I’m “directing”, with the cast, team & I shooting several different scenes from the Cortex and Medical These types of at #StarLabs! I think of it as “directing” because neither toss nor crew need my guidance the following to make something excellent. We shot some big little views yesterday that will crack your heart along with speed-force it back together all over again in that way only #TheFlash could. I love this indicate, so seeing how it really happens behind the curtain has been nothing short of fascinating. We start Day Three or more of 8 in a couple of hours… #KevinSmith #jaymewes #centralcity #vancouver #jayandsilentbob #runbarryrun #funbarryfun

A photo posted simply by Kevin Smith (@thatkevinsmith) on Mar Of sixteen, 2016 at 7:00am PDT

The Clerks movie director also shared a couple of additional tweets inside recent days.

We don’big t yet know the name or content with the upcoming 21st show, likely to air in late April or even early May, nevertheless we at unless know X-Men: First Class and also Thor writer Zack Stentz helmed the script.

In the meantime, The Display will return from its 03 hiatus with following week’s “Trajectory,” offers of which you can find underneath.

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