Anna Torv Joins Fincher as well as Charlize Therons Netflix Mindhunter

Its goofy title aside, Netflix’s Mindhunter is technically pulling off the edge. The David Fincher-Charlize Theron Video on demand investigative drama has its second lead shopping minds, as Fringe alum Ould – Torv joins the line.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Torv will take the central role of Wendy, any psychologist, joining the prior casting of Looking superstar Jonathan Groff. He’ll be searching minds as Holden, on the list of special agents.

The string is adapted from John Douglas and Level Olshanker’s 1996 guide Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’utes Elite Serial Criminal offense Unit, which Theron herself placed the rights to, developing an variation over the last four years. The Road scribe Dude Penhall will write the actual script, with Fincher in addition to Theron on board to professional produce, and Fincher for you to direct. The book itself follows Douglas’ decades developing criminal profiling techniques as well as tracking down serial murderers for the FBI.

No phrase yet if Theron she is might have any behaving involvement.

Netflix isn’t slowing its slate of original programming in the near future, but after Groff and Torv, how should Fincher and also Theron proceed with the (however terribly-named) Mindhunter?

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