HBO Will Add 50% Much more Originals, But Your HBO Now Subscription is Safe

Considering Netflix has pushed it to the point of debuting in close proximity to of a new season or maybe series every week, your premium providers of old seem pretty much deprived of new content. HBO won’t carry that lying down, planning to up its authentic series haul by means of at least 50% of its present stable, but will that affect subscription expenses?

Where earlier today this Deutsche Bank Media, Net and Telecom Convention saw CBS superior Les Moonves promising renewal in their future, Occasion Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes designed a similarly confident claim of HBO how the network would improve its number of international original series hours by 50% to nearly 600 hours (via Variety). The lion’s share of its $2 billion articles budget goes to first TV and movies, the remainder licensing new shows to air in addition to stream.

The somewhat-struggling network in addition launched HBO At this point as a means to attract cord-cutters, its current subscriber base around one million, but the $15 regular price will stay undamaged for now. “We’re not trying to pursue the reduced price strategy. As we think it would be seo’ed with different packaging as well as pricing, we can follow that.”

It’s surely a confident claim for HBO’s originals, because of the network has fought to launch major visits since Game of Thrones, Vinyl’utes numbers continuing to decline while Westworld faces behind-the-scenes issues, amid other misfires. Precisely what could the increase in first content end up looking like?

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